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Meet The  Founder 

Meet The Program Founder 


Welcome to, your go-to place for the latest news and information about Eritrea, the Horn of Africa, and relevant international information.

 Our mission is to provide comprehensive coverage of culture, arts, sports, and entertainment and to make researched documents available for research and educational purposes. 

After the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia ended in 2000, the TPLF and its western allies launched an asymmetric warfare campaign against Eritrea to weaken the Eritrean people’s resolve, determination, nationalism, and pride. They aimed to antagonize, vilify, discourage, demoralize, dehumanize, and belittle Eritreans in every way possible. 

In 2007, I created a blog called (meaning “it is our victory” in Tigrigna) to counter the false defamatory narratives, to educate, encourage, and to present an alternative avenue to Western Media.  

Now that the TPLF has been defeated, the Horn Of Africa is going through rapid transformational stages. is an avenue to share information to provide researched documents, videos, and podcasts to keep you informed and educated.  

In return, we ask for your support of the media platform and content creation efforts with the intent to grow it to expand its reach. Please subscribe and donate to help us meet our goals.

So Victory Is Always Ours. Awetnayu. ዐወትናዩ!!!

Awetnayu. ዐወትናዩ!!


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