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After the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia ended in 2000, the TPLF and its western masters unleashed renewed hostility, or war by other means, against Eritrea. They designed asymmetric warfare to weaken the resolve, determination, nationalism, and pride of Eritreans.  They targeted everything Eritrean, including the legacy of bravery and courage.

Eritreans faced unprecedented, concerted, sophisticated campaigns that aimed to antagonize, vilify, discourage, demoralize, dehumanize, and belittle them into submission. Nothing was off the table. They tried to undermine Martyr’s day, Independence Day, Festivals, the history of the struggle, the proud traditions of the Eritrean way, and the unity of Eritreans.

I started a blog called in 2007. In Tigrigna, Awetnayu means it is our victory. is the embodiment of the “Mekete” campaigns or challenges that Eritreans endured. It means, ultimately, Eritrea will come out victorious.

Over the years, I have amassed various articles and content that will be available on

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So victory is always ours. Awetnayu. ዐወትናዩ!!!


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