Jemal Countess: Dispelling False Narratives with his Trip to Eritrea and Revealing the Realities of Life in the Country

Jemal Countess is a highly acclaimed American photographer and photojournalist with over thirty years of experience. He is recognized for his significant contributions to capturing some of the most critical events in history. He has a remarkable body of work. Starting in 2000, he covered the civil rights movement and the AIDS crisis. He is known for his ability to document these historical events with great sensitivity, capturing the essence of each moment with powerful and emotionally charged images. 

Aside from his work documenting important events, Countess has also photographed many other subjects, including celebrities, musicians, and politicians. He has featured his work in some of the world’s most prestigious publications. 

.Mr. Countess continues to inspire others with his passion for photography and his dedication to capturing and preserving the stories of our time.

Since 2014, Jemal Countess has traveled to Ethiopia several times, documenting the country and its people through his lens. He has captured the essence of Ethiopian culture, capturing the beauty and diversity of the country and its people.

His reporting from Ethiopia has focused on various subjects, including the country’s rich cultural heritage, landscapes, people, and daily lives. He has captured the unique spirit of Ethiopia and its people, showcasing their resilience, strength, and pride.

Countess has utilized his photography to shed light on Ethiopia’s crucial social and political concerns, including poverty, conflict, and inequality. He has employed his images to increase awareness, challenge misguided narratives perpetuated by western journalists, and provide an accurate representation of events.

As one of the few black journalists who has taken a personal initiative to report on African issues from a unique, non-western perspective, Countess is at the forefront of changing the narrative and providing an insightful view of Ethiopia and its people.

Through his reporting, Countess has shown the world a different side of Ethiopia, full of beauty, hope, and strength. He has given a voice to the people of Ethiopia and has helped to create a more nuanced understanding of this complex and fascinating country.

Countess’s recent journey to Eritrea has allowed him to delve into his passion for religious history in a region that has witnessed numerous significant historical events related to the Red Sea and its association with world religious history.

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Yossief yohannes
Yossief yohannes
7 months ago

በዚ ጀሚርካዮ ዘለኻ ተበግሶ ኣስልጦ እንዳተመነኹ ብዚያዳ ክምትገብር ውን ኣይጠራጠርን ።
ምስ ቡዙሕ ምስጋና ንኣፍልጦና ንኽዓቢ ትግብሮን ትጽዕሮን ዘለኻ ኤማ !

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