Interview with Kenyan journalist Karanja Gaçuça Part One

Mr. Karanja breaks down the Horn of Africa, the US Africa Leaders Summit, Kenya, and the Africa People’s Forum in this interview. Mr. Karanja was on a panel that addressed The power of story: Changing narratives to push for policy change.

Mr. Karanja Gaçuça is a Kenyan journalist based in Washington, DC. He is a publisher on and executive director of Karanja played a key organizing role during Occupy Wall Street but saw a glaring racial gap in the advocacy that fuels his current work. Karanja uses new media to break down stereotypical perceptions of African peoples on and off the continent.

A coalition of Blacks, Africans, and progressives held a panel series that outlined a vision for a new US-Africa relationship. The people’s US Africa Summit was held at the Eritrean Community Center in Washington, DC.
Karanja presented a vital message that all Blacks and Africans need to hear and understand. He has unique experiences and perspectives crucial to the current state of global affairs.

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