The Thirty First Independence Anniversary of Eritrea’s Statements

The Thirty First Independence Anniversary of Eritrea’s Statements 

The people of Eritrea know the struggle, understand the struggle, and know what it takes to achieve success. For Eritreans, there is no small success. Because of that mindset, the cumulative victories propelled Eritrea to Independence. It has been a long, arduous journey. But a successful journey.

When I look back at the celebrations, what comes to mind is what Eritrea went through. Eighty-one years ago, the US and Britain collaborated to deny Eritrea's existence and cemented it with an international United Nations seal of the Federation and the annexation.

That is where the attention must start. At that moment, the people of Eritrea had NOTHING. There were no allies in the world, no voice at the UN, and no one to lean on, and worse, the world's superpowers were totally for the dissolution of Eritrea.

The people of Eritrea were denied the right to exist. Let that sink in for a moment. 

That is where the struggle for Independence started, in my view. The people's resistance was manifested in 1961 when the people of Eritrea lifted their arms. All one has to do is remember Eritrea had no army or military establishment. They had no money or support. However, in a short time, thirty years, Eritreans changed that.

Eritrea became a formidable force able to successfully play against enormous powers of the time. Why? Because the people of Eritrea were totally on board.

Eritreans are brilliant and, without a doubt, a surprising boost to the struggle of all oppressed people worldwide, but only if they know our history and stories. So far, we have not focussed on it yet.

After the thirty years of armed struggle for Independence, Eritrea was forced to wage another battle. Only this time, it was a struggle for survival against one of the wickedest forces the world has ever seen.

The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and its masters in Washington hatched the most elaborate schemes to deny Eritrea the right to exist once again and targeted every aspect of Eritrea.

They targeted the military, the people, the economy, education, culture, history, music, arts, politics, diplomacy, etc. They had all the resources and might at their disposal. The TPLF and Washington coordinated and waged asymmetric war against the people of Eritrea. They forced Eritrea into a death match.

Once again, the people rose to the challenge and took all the punches. With the big picture in mind, the demise of the TPLF-the stick Washington used for decades, and they braced for a long struggle by leaning on their experience of the struggle for Independence.

By utilizing the networks, the mindset, principles, and know-how they established during the long armed struggle, they struggled and in less than twenty-five years, achieved the annihilation of the TPLF.

When his Excellency President Isaias Afwerki declared, "Game Over," Eritreans knew what it meant.

They knew what was going to happen. Now, the world could shed its crocodile tears for the criminal Weyane gang that terrorized the region. However, as President Isaias declared, it is OVER!

Was the Derg, the Ethiopian Military Junta that terrorized Ethiopia for 17 years, ever able to resuscitate? No.

Ask Col Mengistu Hailemariam who is responsible for his ouster and demise? He will gladly tell you, Eritrea.

That is where the TPLF finds itself. It took a long time, and we took a lot of insults, harassment, displacements, disruptions, and economic hardships. Most importantly, we paid 19,000 lives and thousands more wounded.

Eritreans are excellent students of stages. They understand where the situation lies and know how to handle that particular stage.  መድረኽ፥

ኩሉ መድረኽ ሓሊዩ ኢዩ ዝመጽእ::

That is what manifested on the Thirty First Independence Anniversary of Eritrea. That is what Eritreans celebrated.

I am grateful to have witnessed the special nature of the occasion. You can literally see the hearts of Eritreans and their souls gushing with joy! It was one surreal moment after another.

The beauty of it was that it was universal and uniform. Eritreans worldwide celebrated the same way with the same zeal. It was a joy similar to the days of Independence.

What I observed

The sudden bursting of the SILENT MAJORITY. Most importantly. The YOUTH. 

For decades, Eritrean youth were the primary targets of the TPLF and Washington. The TPLF and its partners in the West pushed out tens of thousands of Eritreans. The youth were dispersed worldwide and deliberately enticed to vacate Eritrea to deny the nation its youth, its protection, and its workforce.

On the occasion of the 31st Independence, the YOUTH affirmed their solidarity with their people. More importantly, they have proved that they are the backbone of Eritrea. They support their families and nation in ways the TPLF or Washington never envisioned.

In the manifested picnics and celebrations, Eritrean communities worldwide have affirmed that they are solidly united.

They are totally behind their nation and know exactly what time it is. It was time to celebrate their collective victories the way they have done it in good or bad times. Together, as one, worldwide, without reservations and joyfully.

Eritreans made the most significant statements to their friends as well as enemies nothing would stop the marching.

What we have collectively done is a miracle. No one could have achieved these but Eritreans. is a platform I have created to take our presence to new heights. Though it is in the beginning stages, I intend to lift our presence globally. Your participation, engagement, and support are encouraged.

Amanuel Biedemariam

Author The History Of The USA in Eritrea



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