Eritrea and Ethiopia Working Together and #NoMore’s Significant Role 

Eritrea and Ethiopia Working Together and #NoMore’s Significant Role 

Admin: 5/18/2022

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said Ethiopia is working together with Eritrea based on the two countries’ common interests.

The Deputy Prime Minister remarked to the House of Peoples’ Representative while presenting Foreign Affairs Ministry’s nine-month performance report.

The Deputy PM stated that Ethiopia has good relations with neighboring countries. Deputy PM said Ethiopia and Eritrea are working together for the two countries’ common interests.

“We are cooperating with Eritrea based on mutual benefits,” 

Robust cooperation, in the economy,  security, and taking a holistic approach to bilateral relations is crucial for the future of Eritrea and Ethiopia. 

To that end, Eritrea and Ethiopia are working closely. Deputy PM Demeke highlighted that various activities are underway to transform the existing relationship between the two countries into a robust economic partnership. He Said, 

“We are working with the highest priority to put in place a cooperation framework to enhance infrastructure development that would expedite border trade and the movement of people between the two countries as well as the utilization of ports, trade transactions, and customs services, among others to ensure the benefits of the people in the two countries.”

Eritreans and Ethiopians in the Diaspora have played an instrumental role in raising awareness and defending against the misguided Western policies in the region. They have managed to galvanize the youth of the region and Africa with the #NoMore movement that is having a lasting impact. 

In that regard, Deputy PM Demeke acknowledged the collective voice of the Diaspora Eritreans and Ethiopians and the positive role it has in changing Africa’s perception.  

The #NoMore movement is helping to mitigate the various forms of diplomatic and other pressures on Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Africa. 


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