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On Saturday, Nov 6, a group of women from Virginia held a fundraising dinner in the spirit of the “Gedli, ገድሊ, the struggle for independence era, ድራር ተጋደልቲ Drar Tegadelti, meaning Dinner for the fighters, it was a popular and essential undertaking for Eritreans during the 1970s and l980s. At that time, the purpose was to help with our fighters’ struggle, who gave their lives and limbs.

These mothers from Virginia decided to repeat that history, but this time, against the UNjust UN Security Council Resolution that sanctioned Eritrea.

They formed a group called “Adetat ኣዴታት, Mothers of Virginia” group to contribute their share in support of the ongoing noble effort by Eritreans all over the world in the continuing Mekete campaign.

After mothers from the Metro DC area found out, the Mothers of Virginia renamed themselves “Mothers, Adetat ኣዴታት, Metropolitan DC” and expanded the size and scope of their participation.

In addition to their Mekete endeavors, these mothers are determined to help Eritrean women in Eritrea in the medical arena. They are raising funds to purchase sonogram and monogram types of equipment to help women fight cancer and other ailments by discovering them early.

Adetat Metropolitan DC fundraising event was held this Saturday, and the donation was $100 per table, and the ECCC in Washington DC was packed to capacity. It was a potluck arrangement that each mother provided the food or drink for the night.

The food was delicious. And unlike other similar events, where dancing takes center stage. This event was a night of supreme cultural reinvigorating our Eritrean cultural heritage.

Some participants read poetry, followed by a quiz of local vocabulary, traditional word quiz. For example, they asked what it means when a bride turns her hairdo from “Game ጋመ” to  “Sadulla ሳዱላ?”

It was refreshing to see some of these mothers bring some traditional Eritrean customs and cultural outfits and traditions to the young generation that may not have been exposed to it. Gifted poets and storytellers entertained the attendees with cultural folk tales and jokes.  It was a night of laughter and humor which reminded the attendees that we have a rich heritage worth preserving!

The event was a tremendous success and a beginning to a cause that needed much attention. Various businesses and individuals made generous contributions and collected over $14,000. Adetat Virginia and all the mothers conducting these fundraising events deserve kudos.

As always, it is evident that Eritrean women are the backbone of Eritrea, and they are our leaders in subtle and effective ways. Eritrea is here today mainly because of Eritrean women’s high-level participation in all aspects of Eritrean life.

For any nation to be successful women, need to participate fully. In Eritrea, women have made wonders unseen anywhere in the world, making every day a women’s day and every day your day, Eritrean women’s day. We honor you! This event was an example of how Eritreans always take ownership of their challenges.

Congratulations, “Adetat Metropolitan DC” and all the mothers. And good wishes from all of us for your next effort to form your “ADETAT METROPOLITAN DC AGAINST BREAST CANCER.”

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