Celebrating Eritrea’s Military Service and Veterans

Honoring Eritrean veterans is a historic responsibility of the current Eritrean generation

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

It is easy to argue that all Eritreans in and out of Eritrea are veterans. Nearly every Eritrean has taken part in liberating and defending Eritrea in one form or another.  This article, however, will focus on those veterans that struggled to liberate and defend Eritrea.

Eritrea is connected to the martyrs that passed to liberate and defend it. The martyrs of Eritrea are honored in a manner that they deserve. However, the idea of honoring Eritrea’s veterans has so far been, one can say, not addressed with the weight it deserves.

Eritreans are not big on praises, awards, or attention. The selflessness of the Eritrean psyche is partly to blame for the lack of awareness of this issue. In addition, relative to the sacrifices Eritreans have made to reach this point, accolades, awards, and honors meant little.

In the past, I have written an article called “Eritrea’s Veterans Day” with the hopes that it will encourage Eritreans to discuss the matter and, in the best-case scenario to pave ways for the formation of Veterans Day for Eritrea’s veterans.

Considering Eritrea’s challenges, it may appear untimely or challenging to pause and start to honor veterans when there is unfinished business with the “No-War-No-Peace” situation and all the hostilities Eritrea faces. However, when one considers the purpose of the No-war-no- peace plan, not addressing the issue of veterans could mean falling on their trap, for that is one of the intended outcomes of the strategy.

To weaken Eritrean nationalism and destabilize Eritrea, the enemies of Eritrea have targeted every aspect of the Erirean life like the Eritrean Independence DayMartyr’s Day, and the Military institution amongst other agendas to attack, blemish, and demonize. They attack key institutions, dates, and values that define the Eritrean identity.

By minimizing Independence Day or Martyrs Day, they minimize Eritrea’s independence. That is the reason why they hold demonstrations on Independence Day. Just imagine what Americans will do to someone that tries to demonstrate while they celebrate on the 4th of July.

That is what these criminals are doing. Eritreans abroad are also their focus because to weaken their resolve means they could paint Eritrea however they want unchallenged.  They want to own Eritrean issues around the world.

Honoring Eritrean veterans is a historical responsibility of the current Eritrean generation. The meaning and implications of honoring Eritrea’s Veterans are paramount to the future of Eritrea. It defines who we are as people and how we view service, national service as a Nation. It speaks to the generosity and heart of Eritreans. It is an expression of how we view ourselves.

Veterans are a reflection of Eritrean populations and a representation of Eritrea’s history. There are wounded veterans, women veterans, veterans who are still actively engaged in the nation’s building endeavors, etc. When we create ways to honor veterans, therefore, we are celebrating the country. We are keeping their accomplishments and sacrifices honorably.

Eritrea has many wounded veterans that need support and recognition. The government of Eritrea is keen and has established many supporting mechanisms to deal with it. It is heartwarming when one sees the way Eritrea’s wounded veterans live. It is uplifting to witness how Eritreans treat and deal with each other. In Eritrea, wounded veterans are amongst the proudest, and their wounds are seen as badges of honor as they should. To see them differently could be insulting and emasculating. However, honoring them at the level they deserve is uplifting, gratifying, and an expression of gratitude.

With every wound, there is a story of gallantry and heroism untold to this generation of Eritreans. If these stories remain untold, it is a significant loss. It is killing and burying the history of heroes and heroines that gave and sacrificed so much to ensure what Eritrea proudly celebrates INDEPENDENCE.  Hence, establishing ways to honor veterans is to keep their heroic history and legacy alive. It is a day that the stories could be observed.

Honoring Veterans is not an issue that should be delayed, glossed over, or put on hold for any reason. It is about time for the people of Eritrea to address this subject because the enemies are desperate to tarnish the picture of Eritrean heroes.

They want to denigrate the history and legacy of the Military and all the servicemen and women who served and are serving to bring independence, nurture, and defend it. Hence, every Eritrean’s responsibility is to thank those who are serving and those who have served with the honor and recognition they deserve.

The men and women of Eritrean military services are heroes and heroines that deserve the highest honor we can accord. They are not slaves, will never be slaves. The men and women of Eritrean military service are the veterans of the struggle and their sons and daughters, who are also veterans. Their legacy is one that fought mental slavery and won that battle a long time ago.

Honoring our heroes and veterans reminds the enemy to label Eritrea’s heroes as slaves and the institution as slavery.

When in reality, the truly enslaved are themselves mentally-slavery of the worst kind.

The heroes they called enslaved are Eritrean armed men and women that grew from the storied legacy of the masses enlightened, organized, and armed mentally, physically, and in every way capable of warding off the mentally enslaved carcasses like the head of Asmarino.com and Dan Connel.

Eritrea always prevails, and no PR gimmick can disarm the gallant people of Eritrea. Eritrea knows no slaves but heroes.

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